During the holiday I finally got to finish the re-make of my website, and I’m very happy to announce that it is now up and running on Python/Django. The biggest change here is that I’ve added a blog where I will write programming/web development/python/django/javascript/tech stuff. How ever, I predict that I will not write blog posts very often, but hopefully when I do, they will be interesting.

Powering this blog is a slightly modified version of Nathan Borror’s Django Basic Apps. I’m planning to release my modified version (nothing fancy, just some small personal preference changes) as a GitHub fork when I get time.

New version of MMS Decoder (0.82)

I’ve released a new version of MMS Decoder that fixes a bug with decoding MMS messages encoded by an iPhone, as well as some other bugfixes and improvements.

Here are a few selected entries from the commit log:

  • Fixed correct decoding of From-value.
  • Changed default type of the part database column, in the example application, from blob to mediumblob.
  • Adding different MMS PDUs I’ve collected during the years. Very useful for debugging.

MMS Decoder on GitHub

I’m also quite happy to announce that I have now created a GitHub project for my MMS Decoder. This way it will be much easier for people to make patches, and for me to incorporate them in the code, by forking me. So go ahead and fork me on: http://github.com/heyman/mms-decoder. (Or just follow me if you want to know when a new version is released).

If you just want to pull the GIT repository here is the URL: