Last week, me and Ted Valentin released our new website,

Screenshot of

Boutique hotels are, for those who don’t know, (usually quite small) hotels with thought-through concepts and unique attributes. You can for example check out boutique hotels in Stockholm or in Cape Town.

The site’s tech stack is Python + Django & Celery, PostgreSQL with PostGIS as database, memcached for caching and Redis as Celery’s backend/broker. All maps on the website are powered by wonderful Leaflet.

Hopefully, I will be be open sourcing some of the website’s code through some JS/Python libs. For example our image viewer which calculates how to distribute the images to create a perfectly balanced photo album.

I’ve realised that there are a lot of really nice hotels, and my current favorite is probably Treehotel in Harads quite far up north in Sweden.

Our aim with this site is to have the largest collection of the world’s boutique hotels, and to give a far better experience when searching for boutique hotels than any other site out there. For this reason, we’ve started with just releasing the site for Sweden, and Swedish boutique hotels, but in the upcoming weeks we will roll out more countries.