Today I’m releasing a new website, called longitude.me.

With it, you can create “longitude links” which you can share with people in order to see each others current geographic position. The visitors’ positions are updated live in real-time while you’re looking at the page.

So if you’re meeting up with someone downtown, in the park, or anywhere else, and you need to know their location (or want to share yours), just send them a Longitude link! Or maybe you’re going on a road-trip with more than one car, and you want to be able to see where the others are? Use longitude.me to share your location :)!

Since it’s just a website (and no need to download some clunky app) and should work on any smartphone, it’s super easy to just send a link to your friends whenever you need to see each others position.

I’ve been using the site with my friends for a while, and found it really useful, but I’d love to get more feedback on it! You can comment on the blog, send me e-mail at my-first-name@this-domain, or tweet me.

I should also add that I’ve tested out the site quite extensively using iOS where it should work fine, but unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to use it much on Android. Therefore, there could be some Android-related bugs that I’ll need to grind out.

Try it out yourself! Go share your location
(works best on a smartphone)