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I finally took time to re-do my website, and add a blog to it. I don't expect to write that often, but when I do it will most likely be programming/web/tech-related, and hopefully interesting.

I'm interested in programming, computer science, the web and nerdy stuff like that. I've done a few big and a lot of small programming projects.

One of my latest projects is the python load testing framework Locust. It was partly developed during my time at ESN and partly on my own time. It's open sourced under the MIT license.

Up until summer 2011 I've been developing the real-time web, as a programmer at ESN. There I worked on many exciting projects, for example Battlelog.

In august 2004 I started university education at Uppsala univerity in Sweden, where I studied Computer Science. I've done summer jobs the summers -04, -05, as a programmer, at Ericsson.

One of my projects is MMS Decoder, which is a PHP class that can decode MMS messages, and thus makes it possible to send MMS-messages to websites.

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Jonatan Heyman My name is Jonatan Heyman, and I'm a programmer. On this blog I write about programming, the web and technology. I also listen to a large number of indie pop tunes. You can read more about me on the about page.


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